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Inspired by Cold play


One particular line (you gotta keep dancing when the lights go out)

Have you ever felt like it only ever happens to you?

You ever felt like it’s only you that gets dealt the bad hands and others get an easy ride. I know I have but at Christmas time we start to think about others don’t we. The ones fighting, the ones that are cold. The ones facing treatment, watching their life long partner breath their last breath. The lonely the blessed. The survivors the people that just won’t be beaten and carry on regardless! Some of the most wonderful people I have met in my life have absolutely nothing! Yet they have everything. To look in a persons eyes that has nothing to hide is a wonderful thing.

Somehow this line that’s inspired me. this blog post has taken me right back to when the lights went out for me, but had to keep fighting. I chose to carry on dancing in the dark. But more than that I am 4 yrs and 7 months post Bone marrow Transplant. I live with pain everyday and was fat when I left hospital! I hated the way I looked. I never understood how people could gain so much weight until it happened to me. Slowly but surly I have built n built making small adjustments to my life and because of that line. Because I heard that line. I realised that I have been dancing since the lights went out for a very long time.

But so much more than this, it’s made me realise that everyone has their own journeys. Their own daily struggles. Don’t ever look at someone and think they are not dancing in the rain. We all have different roads, different times yes. But you can never underestimate what a person has been through to get to where they are today. When I see old people I often wonder what went on in their life. How long they were married and it always fills me with delight to see older folk holding hands!

You know what cancer has taught me that everyone is on a journey.

It’s about doing something what ever that may be. Everyone hurts and everyone cries. Everyone falls. Everyone has hopes and dreams. But while some are doing their best some are unable. Your not alone!

We all go through things in our lives and everyone has battles. Maybe unseen, you may never even know someone faces anything.

It’s Christmas time where we celebrate that Jesus was born on earth and lived as an example for us to learn and follow.

It’s a time to remember someone, to make someone feel good. Behind every successful person is a bumpy road behind them. Yours is no harder than anyone else’s. Because as always it’s not what we face it’s how we deal with it. Please God forgive me, I have not been the best role model.

But then we come to the point that no darkness exists where there is light. Cold play may have just shone a light in my life by creating this song.

But like my friend Rob would say. Where there are ripples there are reactions.

So I want to challenge you to send this message to someone in your phone book. Send it to two people and ask them to do the same. Shall we spread some love this Christmas and make some people know that they are not alone! That they have a friend. That they are important. That they matter. That they are not the only ones!

Will you help me do that?

This is the message.

You are getting this message, because your important and appreciated. Because your treasured by God himself. Never give up! You have friends. What kind of world do you want it to be?Please forward to 2 people.

Can you imagine if someone chose to carry on dancing when the light go out because of you.

Let’s bless some people. If it’s a silly idea then fair play but it’s something we can all do today. To bless someone with positivity.

What are you going to do? What kind of world do you want it to be?

“Ya gotta keep dancing when the lights go out”

But carry on keep moving, keep being good. Choose to be a blessing.


Don’t forget your message 👍🏼

Pss Merry Christmas


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