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Saturday 27th june 2020

Its been a horrific few days and its only just started really, for a long while i have dedicated my time to helping others in what ever situation they find themselves in. i suppose its something that’s inbred, having caring parents that always spend their time doing the same. has rubbed off on me over the years.

when you have serious procedures like a Bone marrow transplant and or chemotherapy for cancer its important to keep yourself pain free to concentrate on getting through the treatment. i realise many people will judge me for this post. but its not those people i write for. i write so people that are struggling so they can find hope, feel encouraged and believe they can carry on. illnesses are so debilitating, the pain that comes because of it can make you feel low and useless. The feelings are overwhelming for me i have even felt guilt that i am alive and even more that i am having to use drugs to cope with the pain.

My bone marrow transplant destroyed the enzyme in my body that converts codine into Morphine. So I had to take a different drug, man made to deal with my nerve pain. The important thing here for me is to see how my body is without the Drug in my body.



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