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Well how can I help you to understand the beauty of unity within a club. Many times since I have been a member of our club, I have had to pinch myself at the thrills this community provides; for other communities as well as our own.

A T350 popping through the tunnels

Yesterday was our run to the beach at Rhyl seafront. It was not just amazing to see all the cars together but to be seen in so many locations by so many people. The internet has been alight since we all parked up at Rhyl .

View from a Tuacan of my car.

I am reminded often being part of this wonderful group of people that where there is unity God COMMANDS a blessing. Many many people were blessed yesterday. Which fills me with a wonderful joy and gratefulness. If you believe or not the fact remains that where there is unity there will always be blessings.

New friends made that will last a lifetime.

We as a club are passionate about our cars and Life.

Meeting friends

Pam was sadly taken by an aggressive cancer and we all felt it was a great tribute to her and her life as Pam visited the Ponderosa a lot. Pam loved to drive there and did often. Wonderful to be where Pam had been on our TVRCC event. “Peaks to the beach” and to hug her husband in a truly emotional meeting. Where they both spent so many happy hours with her family.

Rolling through the hills in Dave’s Tuscan

The cars were seen roaring through the welsh countryside and burbling through villages and open spaces putting smiles upon smiles on people’s faces. It’s such a joy to be a part of something so special and to be accepted by others if your car cost £5000 or £100000 we all have 1 thing in common. Our cars rough or perfect your welcomed. No one looks down on anyone. It’s a beautiful thing.

Louis our budding photographer

Our aim as a club is to help people in their situations what ever they are and to give the gift of joy. To enthuse younger people that the brand is something to be proud of and put smiles on faces.

So we thank you Rhyl for hosting us and proving us with great food on the prom and hope to be back next year. Unless of course you would like to see us again this year. Have a great evening everyone and thank you all for. A fabulous day.

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Rhyly good to see you all.

We can’t wait to see you again.

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