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It’s amazing this life that we have, made more colourful by the friendships we make. I want to encourage you all today. I want you to know some of my thoughts. Some of my findings in this wonderful tapestry we call life.

Today I woke and the low mood I felt before I went to sleep was still prevalent. I didn’t want to walk as I normally do. My mood was one of a deep unhappiness, (reasons don’t need to be aired here) when we feel that way there is only one person that can help you up right? Yourself. No one can help you to stand with a straight back and hold your head up high.

How wrong I am! We all need a little help from our friends and I made myself go for a walk with my girlfriend and made myself eat my own words. To go and empty my head of all that was negative. To throw it in the river in my mind. “River Douglas” in my case. We had a great talk and walk we smiled chatted and gave each other a smile.

Something that’s priceless is to encourage someone else.

Before I went I looked through my phone for people I had not messaged in a while “friends not family” they are the family we choose. Let me tell you there are people in your phone that want to spend time with you and all you need to do is press the green button. Make a call and ask how they are. Not only will they appreciate it but trust me it will lift you yourself.

This pandemic has made us all be exclusive and separate from each other. We all feel the same you know. Your not alone in how it’s made you feel. We all have been through the same. So I want to challenge you today. To go to your message list and scroll to the ones you have not contacted in a year. To relight the fire, ask after them and make them realise that your still here and give them that special gift of a smile. A feeling like no other to make someone else smile.

Great friend

Life’s not about things, life’s about loving others, giving not taking. Blessing not cursing. It’s about helping others and not taking from others. Life’s precious and what we say or do for people makes a big difference.

Be that friend, pick up the phone and make someone’s day and please do let me know how that went for you. Remember it’s you that can be a blessing. It’s your choice and I hope you do and and are the special person I know you are.


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