Hello – how are you ? I hope your well! I hope your seeing light and not darkness! I feel compelled to write tonight! My wife is in America right now. It’s Lonely home alone although the dogs are very loving it’s not the same at all. It’s amazing how much your soul mate can give you strength!

This time of year is not my favourite. Car runs stop and the days are short. The fires on every night and it feels bad in my body as the nerve pain gets worse and worse everyday.

Yet whilst all that is true I still look for the positives. Life, nature, even in the cold there are nice things to be found. I have had to accept as a person that I suffer from depression and some days just getting up is the victory!

So I find myself reflecting on the great times we have had this year. The runs in the cars have been epic and this year is the most I have ever run in 1 year. Although I had a responsibility to the TVR car club that took a lot of time. But now I have a role that’s just 1 region. It’s been difficult for me to accept it’s just one location I am now involved in. Lots of friends were made along the way and I certainly feel it was positive in the main.

I am a passionate person and don’t do anything lightly I just throw myself in and find out as I move forwards what is needed or not. I have been thinking a lot and the darkness has tried to get the better of me everyday! Feeling emotion and choices have all been cogitations!

For us all we have to rise up everyday! One thing I always say is “there can be no darkness if you shine a light there. Unless like me you drive an old TVR those lights don’t seem to be any better than candles. You do see what I am saying though!

This world we live in has so much to offer, we need to embrace each day and realise that when the sun shines tomorrow it’s a new opportunity to be a better you. An improved you! A you that remembers even if we look back the only thing we can change is “the future” you really can. You alone have the power to be a better you tomorrow.

Who ever said there is no tomorrow is right. But today is yesterday’s tomorrow so not true in it’s entirety.

It’s time to glance at the past but not look at it. I realise it has a place – looking back should be to help you remember the mistakes to show you how far you have come. Remember your life is only yours. Take control and don’t let anyone tell you your worth because only you can choose that in your new today.

I hope your well and I hope you feel encouraged by this post.

Peace out world. Choose better lights.