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So there we were all excited about the final today “capital one cup” and we thought we would look at the terms and conditions of ‘club Wembley seating’

To us it sounded rather strict, and whilst we did actually have our respective team shirts on the day we had jumpers on so no one could see. We were both very very happy that the tickets were gifted to us and for sure we saw it as a blessing. 


This was the beginning of a fabulous oust day for us both, a day that would remain a memory for the rest of our lives. Our view from our seats looked like this.

I managed to persuade the door attendants to let me in 1 min before the rest of the people were 88,000 of them. To take this shot of the empty stadium. This was made happen by the kindness of someone I did not even know, induced by the kindness of a friend that I have known since my school days.

Club Wembley did not seem as strict as I had first thought, people were at least wearing scarfs and hats representing their club. 


We were in the city end which made me very happy as it was the end my wife needed to be in really. But we could just have easily been the Liverpool end…


There was extra time and even after extra time the scores were level. But then the toss was taken and all the penalties were taken at the city end. The end we were sat at. Andies face was amazing when they won, the Liverpool fans left in the most. A few stayed to see city lift the trophy as we did. Who would have thought a year ago that this would have been possible.

Manchester city were champions for the fourth time. Equal long Manchester unites record of 4 wins. It was Liverpools 12 th Capitol one cup final although named differently over the years. We would remain 8 time winners. But to be honest I was pleased to, that city had won. Although I never told Andie that. It was a long day. We left the hotel at 11 pm and got home at 2.20 am would I do it again. I don’t know but what I do know is we had an amazing day and a memory that will be played many times in Andies mind. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and post. I will blog again tomorrow and hopefully have recovered sufficiently that I will not have to have so many pain killers tomorrow.


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