Share this if you would, it will raise awareness of what bonemarrow transplant is. I hope you read the full article. It was a celebrated day.

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When I think back to how I got here I feel rather amazed I have made it. You see on receiving my relapse diagnosis in October last year, my consultant made a suggestion that I may have to go for a bone marrow transplant. We had no clue how this would happen, would they saw my bones in half and scrape my old bone marrow out. You laugh but I have no idea at this point what or how this was!

So here it is, the journey of stem cell transplant. I remember arriving at the hospital and going in to see the doc. I almost hid in his room, I was moving around a lot and quite obviously agitated, nervous and tearful as he explained all the scary side effects. Possible heart failure, kidney, lung, liver failures were very real complications. A lady even died in here having a…

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