Today I want to talk about you; to explain that there is nothing to stop you from achieving your goal. The only person that stands in the way of you achieving what you want to is YOU. Yet you have the ability to achieve what you want or love to do. Your not the best you can be, but you can be a better you today than you were yesterday. So this is how I live each day with my pain.

I start each day with something positive. I don’t focus on the things that that hinder me like my chronic nerve pain that wants everyday to make me negative. I focus on the amazing parts of the world that are incredible. No morning when I wake do I speak to myself about what is seen as not possible. My focus is on hope faith and what is possible. Sometimes when we look at the big picture like beating cancer, we have to go back to basics and encourage ourselves with the smaller things that we CAN do. Can’t is an evil word. Yet in that word there is positive sentiments which is can. Focusing on what we can do brings us to a place of peace. When we remind ourselves of those things we can do. Even such small things as being able to breath, communicate and spread happiness is a special gift. Believing in yourself starts with positivity and the focus of what can be done.

What ever it is in this world you want to get out of it. Is possible. Do what you love and focus first on what is possible rather than the situation you find yourself in. Believe in yourself and put one step forward towards your goal. No journey can be started unless we first make the first step. A friend of mine in my lowest point sent me the new song.

Believe in yourself, bin what the world would have you believe is not possible. Believe in yourself and keep moving forwards. Make your first step and believe in today. You can be what ever you want to be today. But you first need to believe in yourself. You can! Months to live without treatment they said. That was 8 years ago and although my chronic pain holds me back I still am doing what I can do. Writing this to you and maybe, just maybe this post helps you to believe in you. That you will start your journey today.

When I travelled Australia and New Zealand I had to make steps. Sell my house and make my journey. I have memories that no one can take away from me because I got on that plane. But remember it’s one day at a time and we have to believe that we can. Hope and faith are priceless. So are you! Your amazing and you can do what ever it is you believe you can do. I was feeling so low that I wanted to end my life, but just having my friend send me this song helped me to believe in myself and keep doing despite my difficulties. Your special Believe it! I do!



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