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Many of you know me by now, and know that I like to turn things around into positives. We have just had a referendum and  England has chosen to be out of the EU. We have as a nation decided to Leave, it looks quite close when you look at the percentage. But that equates to 1,269,501 more people decided to leave compared to remain. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of people in my mind. Do you know that’s more people that the whole of Wales and northern Ireland put together that chose to vote. The total of the two combined being 1,212,784 in Wales and Northern Ireland that came out to vote. A LOT of people.

Now to me what we are faced with here is an oppertunity, it’s not an accident. It’s a choice we have made and for me it’s something we can not change. What we can change though is how we respond to it, what we do as a nation and what we do from now on has to be surely an oppertunity for unity. I found this on what is today 24th June, interesting how the article says day 24 yet written nearly 8 years ago, making reference to the verse I refer to in Psalm 133. Day 24

So for me this is what we now are going to become, we are going to have a new Destiny. A new start, a new beginning. Let’s see what our future holds not as a curse but a clear chance for us all to bless one another going forwards. To hold out our hands to those that struggle, there is absolutely nothing to be gained by fighting what we have chosen to do going forwards. What ever Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland do is up to them. If they don’t want to be a part of the United Kingdom, will we still be in unity and be a blessed nation. There will always be consequences to any decision that’s made, we WILL deal with those as they come. Please stand though, please stand together and face what ever it is that we face. Together. Let’s walk forwards in unity as we leave the EU and become the Stong people that we are. 

You have a choice, help or complain. I say, lets role up our sleeves and work together to hold on to the Britain that we all want but let’s do it Together. In unity with one voice without pointing fingers and remarking on what we would have been without leaving the EU. We are where we are, the only thing we can do is to now choose who we want to run our country and that what we need to concentrate on. The change what you want as a sovereign country is now down to you. You can either complain that the vote did not go your way. Or you can choose the government that you want moving forwards, because surely moving forwards is better than looking back.

But let’s move forwards TOGETHER.



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