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STOP, just stop and read this when you can make a moment. What is it your striving for? The next best thing? A bigger house? Getting more money? A pay rise, the next one? Is everything and everyone you come into contact with about you? Is it that your always thinking about what you can GET as apposed to what you can enjoy.

I know I have fallen short of that, and as Robbie Williams says. “Youth is wasted on the young” why? Because only when your older do your really start to look around you. A shire horse has blinkers on so that it can focus on the job in hand. Rather than being able to see all that’s around the horse and may spook it. For sure there is a time to focus. But while that’s important, it’s equally important to enjoy your life and all that’s around you. Life’s a gift not a challenge. Life’s for loving, for appreciating all it has to offer. If your unsure of what I mean read my last blog EMPATHY

Life should not be a struggle it should have within it time, time for others, time for those you love, and time for you to appreciate the world you have all around you. A dear friend of mine and I were talking today about the value in things verses the value of time. Things are never good enough, if they are our God. Things take your time, and can perhaps waste time. Here’s the question. “How much time do you have?” Just ponder that for moment? Ponder that verses the new kitchen, new bathroom or time.

It’s an interesting one, to me and I am sure that you may just choose to hold hands with someone, or spend some time with that friend you keep making excuses for not seeing. Intentions and actions are so very different aren’t they. Even if they do support City!

So my question to you this weekend is this. Will you this weekend give time to someone, will you put the thought of things on the back burner. Look I am materialistic and if one thing I am learning is that, time I should not have had is making my focus change. It’s changing naturally from wanting a possession to enjoying time, time with people that matter to me. Time to be kind to myself. But more importantly time to appreciate what we do have not what we could have. True then to say that when the state of mind is to appreciate, be grateful, and happy with the place you live and the people you have chosen for your friends. Your responsible for what you strive for or what you enjoy. It’s the choice between contentment or pressure on yourself. Who likes pressure anyway.

I think my friend was fearful the swing may break!!

Do yourself a favour and appreciate the kitchen you have, enjoy the flowers you planted in your yard. Say thank you for what you do have and be content with what you have. Stop caring what someone else thinks, it’s got nothing to do with you anyway has it.

Take some pictures of the people and beauty all around you. I took this picture on holiday in Turkey. And as I walked behind my friends that I was spending time with. I realised the people in the picture didn’t have much but they were all doing 1 thing. (Giving time to each other) but more over they were happy with what they have. The people they were with, and the place they were in. Because what mattered more to them was TIME I have blogged about that to.

I hope it’s you this blog was meant for, and I hope you tell me on Sunday night what you did with your time?

God bless you! From the bottom of my heart!


Ps find some sunshine in your heart. It’s there.

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