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I hear it all the time and have been there myself, where I have found myself giving people excuses as to why they can’t do what they say they are going to do. I mean a reason is one thing but don’t we get so tied out with our own lives, that we say no to people,to much. Let’s stop saying no and giving folk excuses as to why we can’t and start giving people reasons why we CAN. You all know I love positivity, love the positive words. But like I have said before, the positives can’t exsist without negatives. But it’s up to us which we choose.

Oh how easy it is to stay at home and put your feet up, but to step out and make a differance maybe in someone’s life. I absolutely detest excuses, I detest the selfish motives behind excuses. I do however accept reasons, today I saw pictures of a lady in a hospital who got married. She has cancer but yet still made her dream happen, she could have given a valid reason as to not be married. She didn’t she got married in a wheel chair. Brings tears to your eyes doesn’t it, just to think that she made that happen. We can wallow in what ever we like, give excuses not to do. To be selfish people if we like, to think about just us.

On the other hand however we could choose to be selfless, offering help, a hand, or just simple encouragement for another. Be part of something positive, something that will make a differance. Giving without remembering you have given. Just doing it anyway, so what if they don’t give you anything back. That is thier choices of do or not to do, for me it’s just about giving. Just doing because you can, there WILL be a time when you have a reason that you won’t be able to. The road ahead is your choice. 

Tonight because we did, I met a couple of our cancer stories members, there was her mum there 87 I tell you this now. She was a diamond, I gave her a shot through a syringe. Erm don’t ask, but I was in a gorilla suit. Life is fabulous if you allow it to be. There are so many possibilities in life, just choose one. But don’t make an excuse not to, you will lose out and you won’t eben know what u will have missed out on.



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