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In life we face all kinds of situations, some are amazing, some sad, some are upsetting and so on. But one thing I have realised in my continued fight is not everyone will understand what you have been through or what you are going through.

The secret I think is to always find the good. As a friend of mine says. “It’s good to be good” wealthy or otherwise it makes no odds we all have the power to be good. To be nice to be positive, to be kind and caring. Not everyone will like it as some love to fight.

For me it’s about the giving, the loving the generosity and seeing the smile is all I need. If your going through something, it’s not wrong for someone not to get it. For me it’s chronic pain that nobody can see. I find whilst experiencing it ALL the time that you can’t feel it whilst doing something that makes you happy.

Really, I am not joking! You can’t feel pain whilst driving a car that makes you feel good. For example my TVR it’s my happy place. Of course it only masks it for a time but it’s better than any pain killer I have had. Joy also has the same affect. Joy on someone’s face makes me feel a feeling that is not describable . Positivity spreads and is infectious like negatively is also. But we choose which one we live by.

No matter what I will always choose to love over hate. Another thing my friend says is “wales never fails” the same as love “perfect love casts out all fear” why choose to live a life that’s not positive. What is there to gain after all I have enough negativity with out choosing to accept it into my life on top of my condition.

Life’s tough for us all. Without exception. Choosing love is a precious way to live. Helping someone across a road. Finding something positive to say. Building people up are all things I want to do with my life.

One thing I am doing in September is to do an auction for a charity that needs help. I have put it out there and a few people in a short time have given to the cause. People from all over the place. My new friend John, Rick, Heath, Dan, jo, Sam, Nick, Ian, Richard to name a few that have given donations to raise funds for the cause and we have not even got started yet.

The TVRCC is full of amazing people willing to help., people are being so generous and the family’s will have huge smiles put on their faces when they see us drive by them. What a gift to be able to have fun whilst helping others. To be able to help people with what you have available to you.

When I bought my car, the doctors gave me weeks to live without treatment and here we are 10 years later. Giving is a most precious way to live and I will continue to do this till the day I die. My journey is one of giving, one of blessing others. One of mistakes also, but no ones perfect right. I most definitely am not. But to do your best to bless someone everyday is the right way for me to live.

You won’t truly understand unless you experience hardship, or life’s struggles have an effect on your body. You only truly empathise with another when you have faced trials of your own. Love is the right way for me. Unconditional love casts out all fear. Only that can come from being able to get rid of that which weighs you down. Remember The https://fonzandcancer.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/164/. Garbage truck

We have to let go of things that weigh us down. Choose to dump them I say.

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