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The world of illness is so depressing, no one seems to have any get up and go. Why would you, why would that even be a thought whilst suffering. Well I want to tell you how I kept my get up and go whilst being chronically ill with cancer. I had a family that was supportive, I had and still have good friends. People seem to think that’s all you need to get through. Along with a positive attitude I guess your part way there to having all the tools to carry on.

I would argue that you need a good imagination to, to be able to take yourself to places that are impossible to visit in your condition. When you shut your eyes, the eyes can be persuaded that your room is not what you can see. That there could be an amazing sunset before you, or your sat on a beach drinking mohitos in the sun. Hearing laughter from families having fun in the sea.  Life can be so different to what our eyes actually see. A whole new world is open to us with the use of our minds. 

I used to take myself back to a holiday we had in Morocco. 7 miles of golden beaches private for us to walk on. The roaring African sea never slumbered, it was always there in the back ground. Laughter would be carried on the wind as I stood in the sea being bombarded by wave after wave. That’s what I saw when I closed my eyes. I could turn around and see my wife reading her kindle on her hammock. That’s what I saw with my eyes closed. They were moments of pleasure in the world of hell I was in, in any situation no matter how bleak we can always remember and always take ourselves back to a better time in our lives.

I don’t know what’s on this path ahead but what I do know is that we will make more memories, and hope that we don’t have to use this method any time soon. In a short time I will be off to make more memories by the sea. I love memories, I love making them, love hearing about them. I love telling them to. 

It’s always possible to bring back or make a memory.

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