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sometimes you have to wonder why some things happen, that Maybe you are being looked after from on high. 3 days ago I was on holiday with my friends enjoying the sun and laughter. Now I knew I was like a baby with hardly any defence when I went, it was kinda obvious looking back that I would get unwell. On day 2 I could feel myself feeling bad and just knew I had to go. I booked myself on a flight and went home arriving at Manchester at 1.30am Monday morning. What was to happen next was the type of thing you see in movies not to your every day person.
Firstly let me explain, when you have a bone marrow transplant like I did 124 days ago. Your body is stripped of everything in your defence system. It needs to build up an immune system like a baby has to when it’s born. You make sure your hands are washed and sanatized, eat fruit and have a balanced diet. Everything you do has to be clean. Obviously getting on a plane puts you at risk with all those peoples air mixing together like a cocktail. At the end of 24 hrs I was starting to feel unwell which scared me, I had a pain in my chest and knew I needed to be near my doctor. That’s why I came home.

The first day I was not there was just normal, the boys taking the mick etc is only to be expected. But day two effectively day 4 of the holiday was to change dramatically. It rained and rained only just stopped in the last few hours, although more rain is forecast. They are making the best of it I do know that, but the hotel food hall was swamped. The sand was being dragged off the beach into the sea such was the power of the water. The man hole covers were being lifted, and I don’t need to tell you what would have been in that water as it was coming up out of the drains. 

For me being there in those conditions was a Nono, amazing don’t you think that I went home. Amazing that I could and did. I have a cold which is on my chest a little but that’s all. I am so Thankful that I am not there now and quite obviously have someone looking after me more powerful than I. I pray that you will look after my friends and bring them home safe. Those lads will have a great time together and I know they will make the best of it. We all get disappointments in life, but on this occasion my disappointment is actually a blessing in disguise. 

The sun is shining here at home and I am happy to be home, I am obviously concerned for my friends and can’t wait to see them home safe and sound. I am at present in bed unwell eating lots of fruit, paracetamol as required and plenty of water. It’s even sunny here, I will be happier though when the pictures they are posting become sunny pictures. I guess they will have to get a pool side sun lounger though. 

I hope your having a good day, and that there are no beach swamps where you are.


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