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I was first introduced to this concept a long time ago, by a very wise man. Who maybe to many is not seen this way, for me he gave up his time for me when I needed to hear the things he helped me to see about myself. This person helped me to see that falling down in what ever form is actually a good thing. That trials and tribulations is a good thing, that whilst some may see it as a hinderance it’s actually our attitude to it, and our physical response to it that shows the substance of who we actually are. I am talking about those that get up when they get knocked down. Then again get up next time they are knocked down. Not complaining or wanting anyone to see, just getting up and carrying on. 5.50am today which will be yesterday by the time you read this, I was reminded of this concept. I have a friend called Rhys, I remember having my hair cut by him when he was an apprentice. 

My words to him were “don’t give up my friend, you have it in you to be a winner” the fact is we all do, it’s just some of us choose to be under the circumstances as apposed to using the circumstances to our advantage. You see, those that do, are those that win. Those that keep moving forwards, they are the people that use the circumstances to drive them. Why? Because we learn from those circumstances. Let me explain.

Again I was taught this early in life, so very simple yet so meaningful. When a person falls down, some are kicked whilst on the floor, bullied even. Why is that, do they deserve it. Of course not, but isn’t it down to how we respond to it that matters, rather than what has happened. People will always let you down, no one has your interests at heart only thier own, they will use you to get what they want. For me it’s  again about response. You see, when you fall for what ever reason. Then get back up, I don’t know if you have noticed but you never get up in the same place. You have moved forwards a step, because you got up. If however you sit for a while then get up, you will have forgotten where you were when you fell. It is only about how YOU respond, no one else will be at fault. 

How many times have you heard someone say, it’s not my fault. I have been guilty if it myself, saying sentences like “it’s because” “well if” no no no, it’s down to you, learn by getting up. Believe in yourself as opposed to blaming your surroundings or situations you find yourself in. Another friend calls her cancer ” a bump in the road ” I admire people like that. Get up and move forwards, you and only you can change your destiny, it starts with you getting up, dusting yourself off and stepping forwards. Feel challenged? Great, then you will learn today something you would not have, had you not chosen to get up and step forwards.

I myself have turned cancer on its head, making something seemingly horrific (which it is) into something that blesses others every day that I write. Well I believe it will help someone everyday, you don’t have to have suffered cancer to get something out of what is written here. Please share it on social media, I can’t control what you do but ask that if it’s resinated something with you, click the share button. I can assure you, that could affect someone’s life in a good way changing the direction they are heading. 

Feel free to let me know what the result was. I love results can’t stand excuses.

Have a great week,


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