I have been putting this off. Mainly because it’s painful to revisit.

But here goes.

I know what Isolation means, I have spent 3 weeks in a room 15ft x 12ft big. Or small however you see fit. To have a bone marrow transplant!

True isolation does not mean you can go into a garden or go out exercising. You really have to stay put and not feel the sun on your face and one I found distressing was not being able to hear the birds! Or breath normal air.

I used to hear the birds now I listen.

Even yesterday it was on the news how wildlife is becoming braver and we are hearing and seeing more activity, due to the low amount of cars on the road. Can anyone notice the lack of plane activity ?

Truly being isolated is not being able to leave one room. Imagine that for a moment. The room your in right now that you could not leave it for 3 weeks. That all you have is in that room. Ok my meals were brought for me so we did not have to do much shopping. But still I never left the room. We have a saying these days when things get tough

“It’s not as bad as the room”

We are grateful for so much compared to the room. I mean even if you live in a flat in a high rise block of flats there is still more than one room to go in.

We have a garden to go in, fish to watch, dogs and many many more things to be grateful for. True isolation does not mean you can go and exercise. When I was in the room having chemo I would walk to the back of my toilet then bk to one side of the bed repeat and go to the other side whist attached to a drip. That’s how you get the poison that heals you through a drip.

I would walk 2.5 miles everyday in that room and not leave for any reason what so ever. The most powerful thing I had in that room aside of social media was my mind. When really frustrated I would take myself off to To a wonderful place where we watched the sun set together on the beach. I remember listening to cilo green.


I would stand in the sea not so I was swimming as it did have sharks in the water. I would stand with this album on and the song would bring back the sound of the waves crashing at my feet . I would stand looking at the boats out at sea and if I turned to face the beach, I could see my wife relaxing on a hammock; reading her book. With the Hotel in the background. If I shut my eyes I could take myself back there, I could even smell the sweat from the race horses that ran up and down the beach.

What wonderful animals they were. I even got the chance to pet them when they had finished their exercise. Beautiful memory.

I could take myself off in my mind and relive it and become happy even though the chemo hurt like hell.

This is what my isolation was like!

Why am I sharing this with you? Well it’s to help you to be grateful too.

Memories are amazing things because it does not matter where you are, or who with. You can get yourself back there with not to much trouble and change your thoughts.

That’s the most important here. To look at the positives not the mess that’s outside right now. You see I had to fight for my life, now I have to fight for your life. Stay home

Finding reasons to stay home rather than excuses to leave home. You don’t have to do an hour exercise in a park. You can do it at home. I proved it by walking in my small room. Do a fortnightly shop. Just think how many

Lives you save staying home and doing less trips out. Get some online if you can and limit the mount of people you meet. Your doing something-amazing by doing this. Your actually helping people to enjoy more time with their families. Your giving the gift of life every time you say


I hope that writing this blog stops just one person going out. But truly hope that people share this so people can be hero’s themselves and save lives. Keeping the NHS and key workers safe also. Let’s not forget the drivers that are out there keeping food in our tummies. We appreciate you all each and everyone!

Choose to be a hero. Say no to the park.

Keep safe everyone and remember. “It’s not as bad as the room”



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