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Your will and desire to overcome? Is it a choice, or is it part of your nature? What makes someone want to carry on or even have the drive to carry on? Well here is my experience of it, what I think and how I have managed to maintain my determination. 

For me it’s about happiness, it’s about love and enjoyment. When you have spent quality time with quality people that have a quality mindset or as one of my best friends says (Proper people) your desire to want more of that in life changes. For me it makes me determined to make sure my cancer does not return, making sure I eat well, that I have a nutritionally balanced diet. That life is quality in all areas, I was having a conversation with my Andie today. I was saying how I must never have to go in isolation ever again, I got quite upset thinking that if I did what I would miss out on. The company of my good friends, the quality moments that allot of us take for granted. The nice things in life that we all enjoy, the peace, the feelings that others give to us because they care about us. We can’t change the actions of selfish people that only think for themselves, but we can make sure the friends we have are quality. 

It’s funny you know, how people have been towards me having cancer. It’s also amazing how good Some people have been, people tend to bless good people. I am for sure a blessed man, I write this knowing the people in my life now are there for a reason, and the ones that are not in it now because they have chosen not to be, have no place in my future anyway. The good people I have met give me energy, they help me to stay determined to keep cancer at bay. I always say if a friend does not make your life better then they were never a friend in the first place. 

So my conclusion, for me there has to be something to look forward to in life, there has to be a reason. There has to be something that drives us every day to remain determined. This blog you are reading right now helps me be determined because I know that others are touched by it. We had a dinner party last night for our anniversary, we were with Proper people. People that gave me energy and I hope we did them to. It’s about doing our best, and being the best you there is. One thing is for certain I am more determined than I ever was to remain cancer free. I have to much life to live, and to much love to give. I cannot and must not get ill again. The people I speak of in this blog know who they are, the ones that have turned their backs on us know who they are to. 

Friends are the family we choose, they help us to remain positive and determined.

Choose well.


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