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Its your attitude they say. Well as a twenty something I did not understand what that meant, I even found the statement inconsiderate in some cases. I mean you can’t tell a cancer patient to change their attitude, can you? Well actually it’s very important, especially someone fighting cancer. Let me explain from my own exsperience. What your attitude is to something, does that not depict how someone responds to you?  I think if someone has a bad attitude to something, people around you tend to respond negatively. Have a happy heart and people will look on the bright side. What do you think?

No one likes to be around people that constantly moan, or talk about their problems all the time, people that seem to have the weight of the world of their shoulders. Don’t they choose to have that, don’t they choose to have that amount of luggage with them? I was that person the first time round, I was the person that did not understand cancer. But that’s just it, maybe I had it twice so I knew what I did wrong the first time.  My first cancer exsperience was very different to the second, I learnt how it affects you in rehabilitation also. My attitude was to not be around people that people were going to bring me down. That communicating with people about cancer, was going to make my journey harder. I think that was quite selfish of me, although some would say that it was self preservation. 

You see where U.S. Humans get it wrong, is we look to preserve ourselves by giving nothing, only  looking after number one. By making sure that we don’t give of ourselves thus preserving ourselves for the future. Where as I have learnt a new way, a way that is a little risky but it’s worked for me. But I found it out by accident, because I had set up my support group Cancer stories before I realised I had cancer again. So I had already decided I was going to give of myself to others and support them in the fights they had before them. Thinking myself that I would rebuild myself at home, because the person I love gives me strength as I do her. How wrong was I, the support group does something very different. (We all support each other) in supporting another, it relights the fire inside of us to continue. Well it’s what’s happening to me now. 

You see it’s human nature to put out our hand to help someone, it’s also a benefit by doing that one thing  is that by putting our hand out it energises us. You see that what we as humans don’t get, you don’t use your resources of strength by helping another. You actually strengthen yourself because that is how we are made, it’s natural and human nature to help someone else. By doing that you actually strengthen yourself, you do NOT give of yourself. You become a better more rounded person, I learnt lots as a salesman but never the giving lesson. Why? It’s what sales people do, find people that need what we have. Wow how things are actually starring us right in the face, but it’s our stubbornness and lack of humility that stops us from learning the simple lessons that are necessary for success.

By giving to someone else you are actually helping yourself, helping yourself to work through your own luggage, to educate yourself as to what you can be. Who you actually are, I am sure some of you are reading these blogs and watching me grow. I know I am myself, I can feel that I am more considerate of others. Of course people will misunderstand me but that’s not my issue is it, to just keep doing what I am is making a differance somewhere. We all have it in us, we just choose to protect one. The one we are, not to help others by holding out our hands. Maybe becoming less of us and more a helping hand. What ever is thought your attitude to cancer is what matters. Ultimately what we give is who we are, putting out your hand is everything.
It’s not only + and – that make one battery, it’s you and me that make humanity. ( last sentence by Rob Fischbeck  ) 


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