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Do or do not, there is no try.

One of the things you can’t do, yes I know I said the word I don’t use. But how can someone try, how can a person say for instance “I will TRY to beat cancer” how can any person try to do anything. What does try mean. For me it’s DO or DO NOT. Don’t play at life, it’s a life to enjoy not endure, although I do realise that we all have to endure things in life if we are to achieve anything. Success is in achievement, not trying. I don’t even think the word should exsist.

Take this example, when I had the conversation with Benny it went like this. ” Do you think I should have the bone marrow transplant Benny” ? You have to realise we have the same mentality, the same ethos the same will and drive to succeed. If we put our minds to anything we do, we don’t try. We believe in our capabilities, and if we don’t know the answer we ask or find out what the answer is and make it happen.

His response was to say this “Mark I want you around for a long time we have allot more fun to have yet” how true, but maybe he will never know how much strength he gave me by saying that. how amazing that we can do what ever it is we want to do, we just have to be unwaivered in our quest. Be diligent and determined to make something happen. It boils down to people deciding to be assertive or wishy washy. Those that know me know, I don’t do wishy washy. It’s not how things get done, it’s not how I can make anything happen.

I did what I did (beating cancer twice) because I focused on the end result and believed I could DO. I focused on doing not trying, I also did it for the people that wanted me to beat it, my wife of course was at the top of that list as was family. I believe everyone is capable of being the winner. I believe it’s in Us all, but we must never say try only do or do not. There is no grey area in my head anyway.
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