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Good morning, I am expecting some confused faces when you realise what the chosen ones are. You see we are all chosen to be something, we are all chosen to do something. The hard part is finding what it is we are chosen for. Rest assured you are chosen, you are special. Let me give you a song to listen to whilst reading the rest of this or after you have read it. Because there are some interesting people out there that don’t know what they want to do at 40.

You see when I realised I had to have a bone marrow transplant, it would have been oh so easy to have walked away and not had it. To have wondered off and died, to accept my months I had left. I didn’t. Why? Well because although a BMT is a potentially life saving procedure, not everybody gets accepted to have one. You have to pass a number of requirements. (Don’t ask) like strength, heart and chest clear that sort of thing. You have to be CHOSEN. I was as was every other person that has ever had a BMT or stem cell transplant. 

  I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be chosen, to be offered the chance at an extended life. How amazing, how truly truly awesome. From not being able to see Christmas 2011 to you reading this blog today. Don’t you think that what YOU have is awesome, you have a beating heart a life and even if you feel you have been dealt a bad deal in life. You have a life. The more we say what we are, the more we become exactly that we speak of ourselves. Your amazing, you CAN, forget can’t. It’s not even a word to me. One day we shall not be here to dispense the advice of sunscreen. But you have a day to use right now, spend time loving not moaning. It’s a life you have, it’s not about what you don’t have it’s what you do that matters. What you say that matters. How you are with others that matters. 
  During this process I have met some awesome people, from all over the world. Some from our group of friends. Cancer stories (friends). Some people that will be friends with us forever. People from California, Australia, and people in my own village. God has given you a life, who will you bless with it. No one else can decide, because you are chosen. You are the chosen one to do what you can do. 

When you have a BMT you are chosen. I am the chosen one to have a transplant, as is everyone else that has or is going to have one. You hold your destiny in your hands all you have to do is get up and choose your direction. 

Winners get up and carry on, losers walk away and miss the chance they have been given. A friend once said to me. 

” there are plenty of people in pubs with a could have been story” 

It’s up to us to keep going and not give up.

Whilst writing my blogs I have from time to time got quite despondent at the amount of people that are reading what I write. I have had to carry on. Telling myself it WILL be worth it. If you get up and try you can win, but how will you know if you don’t try?

It’s your choice to make.