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I cry writing this after a long arduous fight my last chemo goes in tomorrow I know it will be very painfull and maybe the worst day of my life. But that said it will be, so realeasing. I have embraced ALL the doctors have told me to do. I will get very ill afterwards and the day after I will have my bone marrow transplant. Rejoice with me and tell the world. I have met some very inspirational people Ian Botham a cricket hero of mine, others too. But I wonder if you will help me tell the world. It’s all I can write for now. 

I long to be rid of this and start to help others, people will join me I am sure. I want to dedicate my life to helping others although I am in allot of danger in the coming days. Please share. This has been tougher than any journey of my life. Others will walk this path and I want to encourage them to live and not give up.