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I am surprised to hear a story I heard today, going all the way back to the day we went to see Concorde on my birthday, a couple of months ago. The little boy that Helen Andies friend had with her, apparently still talks about us. Why is that? Got me thinking what we did that made him still remember us.mhe was a boy that had obviously been around love. But I was no more important than anyone else he had met, in fact potentially the least important person that he had ever met.

Yet Elliot still talks about us, maybe it’s because I treated him like an equal and not a child. Maybe it’s because we allowed him to be himself as opposed to trying to influence him. I dunno but what I do know is that doing makes a difference to kids. I am learning that what you do do with children does not have to cost allot. The people I think that have done the best job of bringing up a little one is my brother and sister in law. No opinions have been forced on him, he’s been allowed to be himself. He has been given a good life, and taught well. I guess that’s what all parents aim for, is not being a parent 90% love and 10% discipline ? I don’t know because I am not a parent, so I would be interested to hear your thoughts. 

Don’t get me wrong I have seen lots of children that have been brought up well and allowed to work things out, as opposed to having opinions forced upon them. I won’t go into my own upbringing although I will say my parents always took us away, and have lots of memories of sherbet dips, and beaches. We always frequented beaches and I guess why I love them so much today.

  My winkle picking accomplice!
The point today is though, that what you do do with someone (anyone) has an effect on their lives. You may never know how much effect your words have in their life. But rest assured you are adding to the exsperience that they have to aid them in their future. Or indeed hinder them in your future, I believe I can. I believe I CAN do anything I want to do, I am hopeful that maybe more people think of us like that little boy does. But if we don’t do then that can’t happen. I love the positive outcomes, and feel so good when those messages come back to us. Letting us know that we are having a positive effect in the world, we WILL continue.

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