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what do you want to be? What drives you, what Spurs you on. Well do you mind if I attempt to tell you what drives me. my world has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. My ideas were always about chasing money, wealth to achieve happiness. I am a really keen F1 fan and I remember a quote from Ron Dennis which rings true in my mind “money is only a problem if you don’t have any” it’s so true. I was always striving for the next big thing, the next quick money making scheme , I was driven by greed. I was driven by what I had, not what I could give. 

As I have gotten older I realise the words of the Robbie Williams song “youth is wasted on the young”from the song eternity. It really is, because by the time you realise what’s real important in life, it’s to late and we are not young anymore. http://youtu.be/P0aZNEXdFCE

My life has been turned inside out and upside down, learningn to use this strong body and mind in many different ways over the years. Although never more so in this room, solitude in isolation has helped find what’s of real importance. I am sure I will never be annoyed by birds doings on my car again. I will enjoy the love of my family whole heartedly. I will never exspect again, only cherish and cultivate that which has become so very dear to me. “Life” 


Picture above will be me when I leave here, although it will take 3 months to get strong enough to be like this doggy.

I want to Dance like no one is watching again.

Never looking back just moving forwards to the goal that is the most very important.Have you figured it out yet? what the most important thing on earth we can process is? It’s a bit of a trick question really. Because it can’t be bought, you can’t gaze at it like my beutiful TVR.

It’s not something you can touch or hold, it’s so precious it’s priceless. What I speak of comes from within, it comes from contentment, it comes from being at peace however you find that. It comes from spiritual contentment and being able to just LET God.

I am classed by some kids of people we love, as a superhero, so one who is indestructible. I am not indistructble I am just as delicate as the next man. 1 thing I am though and that’s Happy. That’s the key to all these eliments put together. Happiness. See if we have that we are wealthy, rich and abounding with beauty with in us. Loving yourself is an amazing thing. I mean who’s gonna turn round and tell me or you that your not happy only you know that, only you know how you are inside.

Have a great day and I hope you to will become happy inside with your choices as opposed to striving for more which just makes us slaves. I want to help people with Cancer forever. I want to encourage people everyday to be better people. Giving fulfils us inside, giving warms our hearts like we have never know.

You gonna do that today? Give to someone and make you happy?

I hope so.



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